A dedicated team of technical personnel is always looking at ways to improve products and customer performance.

The mill's focus is mainly on monogastric animals, including broilers, breeders, commercial layers and pigs.

About Us

Eagles Rock Feed Mill forms part of the Kuipers Group and was build as part of the group's expansion in 2006.

The mill services integrated customers as well as independent producers. The mill's focus is mainly on monogastric animals, including broilers, breeders, commercial layers and pigs.

The facility is equipped to produce feed in bulk as well as 50kg and 1 ton bags.

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Our Feed


Broiler production has seen dramatic changes in the past decade or two, due to the breeding compaines being able to select and drastically improve the growth rate of the animals. To keep up with these changes...

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With incresing growth rates associated with genetic selection for broiler production, came increased challanges for the Broiler Breeder farmer. Management practices, as well as nutrient supply has to adjust to this...

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To sustain persistent egg production up to a late age, it is of the utmost importance to give birds the correct start. Pullets need to achieve the correct body weight and frame size as well as a good flock uniformity to...

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The ultimate quality of pork is defined by many factors, including genetics, nutrition, health and environment. The challenge of the feeding program is to achieve the best possible carcass in the shortest possible time at...

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Animals eat to acquire the energy and building materials that they need to live and grow.

Animals use energy to perform normal body functions such as breathing, walking, eating, digesting, and maintaining body temperature. Nutrients provide poultry the energy and material needed for the development of bone, flesh, feathers and eggs.

Feed has six major components: Water, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins.

Each of these components is important in providing poultry the nutrients they need, and a deficit of even one can have serious health consquences for poultry.

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Satisfied Customers

Eagles Rock has become a partner in my business, and made a big impact in my business in terms of growth and profit.

- Allen de Jongh | CFO, Oudewerf Broilers